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Follow These Easy Leaky Gutter Repair Tips and Become a Pro at Fixing Gutters!

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Young Man Fixing House Leaky Gutters

Face it: we all hate leaky gutters. No matter how big or how small the leak is, you can’t change the fact that a leak means water damage to your roof. Water damage can bring a whole lot of problems on its own.

That is why it is best to stay on the safe side and be prepared for any type of leak your gutters may suffer. How so? Then by following these easy leaky gutter repair tips!

Easy Leaky Gutter Repair Tips That Anyone Can Do

Unclog Your Gutters!

Though it may sound a bit obvious, mMan with Gloves Cleaning Guttersany times unclogging gutters tends to be overlooked quite often!

Unclogging your gutters is a fairly easy step and can save you from lots of troubles (not to mention money as well!) The only requirements you need is for you not to mind getting your hands dirty and climbing a ladder.

Have you heard of the phrase “better safe than sorry”? Well, this applies to gutters too! When you regularly unclog your gutters, you prevent any type of buildup. If dirt doesn’t build up, then it means that water can flow smoothly without any problems.

Although, if you do not feel comfortable cleaning the gutters yourself, you can always call for help from a group of experts.

With Lazaro Benitez Construction, you can get your gutters fixed up!

Patched Up Gutter with Easy Leaky Gutter Repair Tips

Some Leaks Are Easy to Patch

When it comes to easy leaky gutter repair tips, we had to include the obvious one: patching up holes.

Believe it or not, many times, leaks tend to be easy to fix. It all depends on how severe the leak is. But for small and medium leaks, you may only need some patching materials to get a gutter as good as new!

First and foremost, before starting to patch any type of leak, you will need to clean the area surrounding it. You can clean it with a brush and water. After it has dried up, you will need to scrub it with a pad.

After cleaning and drying the area, you’ll need to patch up the hole with plastic roofing cement. Apply this cement over the small holes to cover them up!

Keep in mind that to cover up holes with cement, the hole must be smaller than a nail hole.

In other cases, you can use a strip of flashing to fill the area. You can use tin snips to cut the piece. After cutting the strip, bend it to fit it in the hole. Lastly, fix the strip with the cement.

After patching up the holes with the flashing strip and cement, even the cement out. This will help flatten everything up.

Remember to check everything up when done! One of our easy leaky gutter repair tips is to make sure everything’s in order. After your patch up, inspect other areas in which your gutters may be faulty.

Counting with holes that are too big for you to patch? Don’t worry! Here at Lazaro Benitez Construction, we fix your gutters at the best prices! Our gutter repair in Little Rock AR beside you, you’ll count with invincible gutters for your home!

Fixing a Loose Downspout Is Easier Than What It Seems

Part of our list of easy leaky gutter repair tips, we have fixing Man Fixing Loose Downspout with Screwdriverownspouts. Many people panic when they count with a loose downpipe. However, what they don’t know is that fixing a drain spout is surprisingly simple.

The first step in fixing loose waterspout is to first find the detached bracket. After you have found it, replace the bracket by setting it a little bit higher or lower than the original position. This is for you to drill new pilot holes.

Bear in mind that there will be times that you’ll need to use a ladder to fix the downspout. So if you feel comfortable using ladders, there should be no problem. On the other hand, feel free to call professional help anytime!

Saggy Gutters Don’t Stay Behind!

Sagging Gutter on ApartmentLast but not least, with our easy leaky gutter repair tips, we’ll show you how to deal with saggy gutters.

Sagging gutters can be most, if not all, of the time a nuisance for all homeowners. One of the main reasons why your gutters may start to droop is because your gutter’s material started to expand. This can happen because of the temperature changes between seasons.

Drooping gutters also tend to happen because of poor installation, such as gutter hangers being too far apart from each other. This makes an uneven weight distribution among the gutters. Bad installation also includes unaligned gutters, as well.

Depending on the reason, you can tackle saggy gutters in different ways. For instance, if your gutters become warped, then you can coat your gutters with a non-corrosive coating. This gives you more durable gutters!

When it comes to gutter hangers that are too far apart, then you can reposition loose hangers. To do this, you’ll first need to remove the hangers that are close to the sag.

After removing the hangers, then you’ll need to place a bracket where the sag is, adjusting it until the drooping disappears. Lastly, replace the hangers. If you think it’s necessary, you can add a couple new hangers as well for extra support.

That’s All Folks!

Easy Leaky Gutter Repair Tips

That’s it, four easy leaky gutter repair tips anyone can follow! As you can see, it’s no rocket science to fix your own gutters. It’s also cost-effective as well!

Of course, when things escalate, it is best to contact professionals to prevent any other type of damage. And when it comes to professionals, no one can match Lazaro Benitez Construction.

You can contact our team for both your , or both! Just give us a call, and our team will grant you a personalized free quote!



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